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low profile, low RDC, high current handling capacities

Magnetically shielded structure that ensures the high-density mounting configurations.

Flat bottom surface ensures secure, reliable mounting.

Provided in embossed carrier tape packaging for use with automatic mounting machines.


Ideally used in Portable telephones, , PDA, DSC, DC-DC Converters, etc.

Product Identification

    MPIL    3010  -  3R3    M    LF
      ①         ②          ③     ④     ⑤
②  Series name
② Product dimensions:  (3010=3.0*3.0*1.0 mm ) 
③ Inductance Value: (R68=0.68uH  3R3=3.3uH  100=10uH)
④ Inductance Tolerance:( M:20% ; N:30%)
⑤ Lead free products