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Closed magnetic circuit configuration preventing cross-talk from occurring which permits high density mounting
Sharp attenuation characteristics that have a great effect on EMI suppression
Available for automatic mounting machines in tape and reel packaging

Widely applied to fields in electronic measurement instruments, computer facilities, switch power supply, measurement & control system

Product Identification 

     MGTF     2012     P     101R       T    -   LF
        ①           ②       ③       ④           ⑤      ⑥
① Series name
② Dimension L×W:【2012= 2.0mm×1.2mm】
③ Circuit structure  【P:π  T:T】
④ Cut-off frequency :【101R=100MHz】
⑤ Packing Style:【T: Taping   B: Bulk】
⑥ Lead free products