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 ● Compact size and light weight

Excellent solderability and heat resistance for either flow or reflow soldering

No cross coupling between inductors due to magnetic shield

Low  RDC  and  High  IDC 


Cellular platform DC-DC converter circuit

Portable AV equipment (digital camera,DVD Type)

Cellular platform(handset Type)

Memex(computer Type)

Product Identification 

   MGFL     2520      G     2R2     N       T     -     LF
①          ②          ③      ④      ⑤      ⑥           ⑦
① Series name

      ② Dimension L×W:【2520: 2.5mm×2.0mm】
③Material code

      ④Inductance:【R47=0.47 uH      2R2=2.2uH   】
⑤Tolerance of Inductance:【  N: ±30%】
⑥Packing Style:【 T: Taping     B: Bulk】
⑦ Lead free products